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New Bathroom & Kitchen Cost 

Why remodel?

The following is an overview of why you should undertake a remodeling project and what will be the result.

Bathroom renovation, kitchen upgrades, and basement finishing are critical in adding value to your dwelling and are deemed even more significant when trying to sell your home. By renovating your bathroom, kitchen, and or basement, you are investing in the value of your property.  By doing so you sell your home with added value and definite return in value. At RRCR, we have helped dozens of families with their projects and brought reality safely into their imaginations. Whether it’s adding/removing a wall to make it open concept, new windows, doors, enlarging and removing the window wall and installing a patio door, new kitchen, building a new powder room, closet, bathroom from scratch to a minimal job of replacing a sink, a vanity, or shower, moving the laundry to a different level, changing your floor from tile to Vinyl, or converting tub to stand up shower, we’re here to help you, the homeowner, with endless possibilities and at reasonable cost options.

Some of our past works are displayed here and going forward, we are adding more pictures to our site as it is still under construction. To achieve the expected goal and deliver what we promise, we stand behind our work, our words, and promise to add value to your project and tackle all relevant attributes of a remodeling project with safety and quality in mind.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost 

Also, the following is standard remodeling cost for general knowledge purpose only. 

please contact us or other service providers for a complete list of specialties needed price points, and available options for the project.

A typical bathroom remodels by us can cost from $7000-$9000 all-inclusive. Others charge from $11000 - $16000. We believe homeowners should not pay for our ( GCs lavish) lifestyle! By charging a fair amount we are helping a homeowner and not breaking their bank. But for higher standards and finishes, our price can go up to $25000+. Again, others charge otherwise!

The Scope:

In this remodel, the demo of the old tile work, removing the debris, installing appropriate wall material and waterproofing for the shower and a paint job is included. In such projects the job involves, a tub to stand up shower conversion, an Acrylic base or plastic base is installed with glass doors and tile work along with a new toilet and a vanity of standard quality.

Kitchen Remodel Cost

The following is a general scope of a remodel and every project pricing varies. Contact us for all available options and pricing. It is impossible to mention and indicate all available choices in design, material, and finishing of a kitchen for you, however,  I will try to reflect in short on my experience of the field and past work here. A typical kitchen can cost anywhere between $12000 to $20000. For high-end, it can go up to $50000+. This includes the removal of the old kitchen, new lighting, countertops, flooring and installing the new one.

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