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Helpful Information 

Please note that for professional, favorable and safe results, consult a registered and qualified company!

General and summarized issues about your home:

1: Why rooms are cold?

Answer: In this case, most of the times the room(s) is not well insulated. We have seen new homes with cold interior despite being newly built-- and the cause could be poor insulation of the interior walls and air leakage from around the windows and doors due to a lack of proper insulation and foam application.

2: Why there are cracks in my exterior walls, interior room walls, basement walls(Foundation) and moisture in the basement?

Answer: This is due to lateral pressure outside due to the water pressure cause by improper dispersing of rain water away from the home foundation. It can be caused by downspout water being poured right or during a rain back to the foundation side due the short size of spouts. Make sure your spouts are at least 4-6 feet away from the foundation wall. 

Homeowners' Safety Tips


Please, for added peace of mind, always seek to have a contract outlining the process of project including the start and finish dates, the method of payment and liability of all parties involved in the task. Never pay the entire amount of funds for the project(s) in advance and there should be a clause clearly outlining the payment instalments and percentage of funds payable to the GC/Tradespeople during the agreed upon timeframe of the project. 

If a GC or Handyman is asking for a full payment of the agreed amount in advance and before commencing the job, this shows the contractor's financial status and could serve as an unpleasant experience later on--the onus is on you for not doing your due diligence. However, if the  GC is purchasing the required material(s), then only pay for the approximate cost of the initial purchase and the rest in 2-3 installments going forward.

Create a Homeowner's Binder. In this binder, keep all necessary papers, dates, warranties and receipts,  and company invoices for your home remodeling projects

  • Wait to Start Any Large Projects. In this case, have your finances ready,  have a clear picture of the project and its outcome, start looking for honest, professional and worthy sources that potentially may undertake your projects.

  • Complete One Project at a Time. Being a homeowner comes with a lot of financial responsibilities, so prioritize your project based on its urgency and needs

  • .Learn How to Identify Potential Issues in Your Home. Don't wait for the matter to escalate. Be proactive and take care of small deficiencies at an early stage

  • Make Friends With Your Neighbors. Exchange personal contact information and of reliable and reputable service companies.

  • Know How to Turn Off Your Power and Water Valve. 

  • When hiring a GC or other professionals to do remodeling and other tasks on your home, do  not fall for them emotionally but check their past work, authentic pictures and reviews. Unfortunately, nowadays reviews and recommendations are sold

  • Always hire insured and registered professionals to do the job or in case of an accident or unsatisfactory project results, you are reliable and or will be left to handle the heavy cost. 

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