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Basement Finishing Cost

Finishing a basement for sure adds value to the property and extra square footage to accommodate the needs of any family. In most cases,  clients want to add that extra room for their teenage girl/boy or that rec room for family fun time.  The potential to use the extra space comes with its price tag based on its mere use. 

For personal use, there is always a need for a bathroom, a new laundry, or a 2 pc bathroom with a room and area that covers the electrical/HVAC room. 

Different elements are involved in the process such as Framing, Insulation (Soundproofing optional) Drywall, Taping, Painting, Flooring, Baseboard, Doors, Windows, Pot lights, rough in for bathroom and a kitchen. With current rising price of materials, one can expect for $29-$36 per square foot.

For Rental Purposes:

Permit and Bylaws are the main stream of this method to endure the safety of all individuals residing at or using the home.

The cost in this remodel or finishing usually starts from $32-$38 per square foot. In the process, homeowner can expect a lot of red tape as this kind of work must be performed by insured, qualified teams and inspected and permitted by the respectable city where the home is located. The focus on such projects  falls on safety first and the setting that the homeowner provides for its tenant and what they deserve to obtain in return. In addition to the above attributes of a basement finishing project, a separate entrance is required, soundproofing is mandatory and fire separation by installing 5/8" of drywalling which usually could cost between $14000 - $18000 on top of the above estimated amount. 

In most cases, we as humans tend to fall for others based on our feelings and we often forget to question their ability to perform, adhere to our values and expectations, and how they perform. 

In this industry, there are good and bad on either side, and we always come across the horror stories of homeowners being taken advantage of, and clients who don't pay for the jobs performed at their homes.

However, at RRCR, we always strive to add value to your project and work around your needs and limits for a smooth and favorable outcome.

We can offer you a more favorable price for all your remodeling needs and guarantee to beat any written estimate significantly. We are a client-focused company with a moto of happy client, happy business. We do not have big trucks or expensive overhead, since we believe that quality should be based on affordability and no client should pay for the lavish lifestyle of some General Contractors.

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